All about Grand Canaria!


Arguineguin may be the city of Grand Canaria that are the most popular city at the island among the Scandinavian founders of Grand Canaria, especially among the retired seniors who are residents or long-term holiday at the island of Grand Canaria. Arguineguin is also a very good alternatives for the charter tourism for shorter holidays with the hotel Sunwing Resort in the lead. Arguineguin has also a and a lot of private apartment condos that often are available for rent for a short or longer part. In addition, Arguineguing has also the finest timeshare facilities, Anfi del mar in Patalavaca close to Arguineguin. Patalavaca is a village that is more or less combined with Arguineguin after years of extensive development of the area from both sides.

The center of Arguineguin is originally a small fishing village that until recently has been expanded in terms of tourism, mainly from northern Europe with the Scandinavians in the lead. Despite this, the city still bears signs of being a small idyllic fishing village, though with too much traffic and noise. Here is the the island's biggest market every Tuesday with mostly crappy merchandises that are naturally on such a market, not quality products with other words. The mood, however, so it should be at a market of this type, complete with haggling and much non-original products. Don't come back and tell us that you haven't been warned.

Arguineguin acts as a kind of center for the Scandinavian expats, especially Norwegians, who lives in Grand Canaria or who are on long vacation. Here you will find the Norwegian Seamen's Church, the Norwegian school, Norwegian real estate agent and the Norwegian club to name a few things that state the heavy Norwegian influence on this small fishing village. It is said that at any given time is approx 5000 Norwegians in the city and its immediate environ and you can expect to meet Norwegians everywhere if you are out shopping or stay at the beach. Also, do not be surprised if the waiter at the restaurant turns out to be a Norwegian who has settled in Arguineguin and he/ she start to talk Norwegian to you if you look Scandinavian. This in itself can be a pleasant diversion to the tip hunting waiters at the somewhat larger shopping centers in Puerto Rico and Playa del Ingles who think your children think it is tremendous fun to be pinched in the ears and such thing. It is not always so festive with these waiters who throws out the words in your language, as they have learned from the other half full people from your country, but however, they do not know the meaning of. It can quickly becomes really embarrassing moments out of that.

If you are on the beach of Arguineguin there is only one real choice for families, namely the beach located at the Anfi del Mar. This is an artificial beach built with imported white sand as opposed to the local lava sand where you burn your feet if you walk barefoot. This is together with the beach of Amadores the best beaches at Grand Canaria and maybe among all of the beaches on the  Canary Islands.

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