All about Grand Canaria!

Transport in Grand Canaria

Grand Canaria is a relatively small island and the transport possibilities are many. If you have a driving license and feel safe in the traffic, we will highly advise you to rent a car at the airport and maintain this throughout your stay on the Grand Caria island. Only by dropping the bus transfer bough way between the hotel and the airport, the savings will covers like the half of the cost of rental car if you travel together with a couple of people. You can get a decent car for a week for about 300 USD - and you can then move freely around the Grand Canaria during your stay at the Island.

If you do not want to rent a car it's no need to worry. You can quit easily catch an available taxi in the tourist areas. Set yourself up on a stand or stand in the way and signaling to passing taxis then you normally get a taxi within a few minutes. Prices for taxi on Grand Canaria is lower than prices in Northern Europe and Scandinavia, but the price can not very cheap. It also goes well with buses between the coast from Puerto Mogan through all resort towns and up to Las Palmas who is the Capital of Grand Canaria and the Canary Islands.

If you only want to move between the resort towns of Arguineguin, Puerto Rico and Puerto Mogan so there is a small ferry with glass bottom and forth between these locations. The boat also runs back Anfi del Mar to take on and off passengers. The boat trip takes relatively little time and you will be served the Spanish national drink Sangria on board. The boat also takes a little stop to feed the fish. The glass bottom is overrated and not much pleasure from this except the 2 minute fish food no progress, on the rest of the journey you see nothing through the glass bottom. So it is not a good idea to put yourself in the bottom of the boat in terms of looking out the glass bottom during the journey. You will probably not get any pleasure in this.

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