All about Grand Canaria!

Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is one of the most popular resort towns in Grand Canaria at the Canary Islands. Puerto Rico is placed in the Puerto Rico valley and emerges as a clean resort that contains only hotels / apartments as well as restaurants and a noisy shopping center in the center of the valley. Puerto Rico lies between the two fishing villages Arguineguin and Puerto Mogan that booth are very popular tourist destination them self. When you arrive in Puerto Rico valley via the old road there is a beautiful beach located in the valley's end the first thing that greets you in Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rico has experienced tremendous growth over the last 20-30 years and for those who visit the island every few years is impressive development form time to time. In recent years it has been built up on the peaks of the steep valley and into neighboring valleys so that they blend in with Puerto Rico.

In the middle of the valley, within walking distance of the beach and most hotels, there is a large shopping center with bustling crowds at night. Here you will find a variety of restaurants and nightspots. Shopping centers are carrying the way (like the similar centers in Play del Ingles ) characterized by arcades with noisy machines, turf dealers  selling crappy shit, Internet cafes and small electronics business around with products of dubious quality. In other words, not the best place at Grand Canaria for the great bargain of quality products. If you want to do bargains you should head to the Atlantico center (located between Playa del Ingles and the airport ) or to the big city of Las Palmas.

The restaurants at the shopping center is not so much to brag about, but we will highlight an Italian restaurant called " Pinocchio " located in the center's first floor. Here's the good Italian food , small replacement of staff and guests coming back time after time. The restaurant is always full which normally is a good pointing stick to find the better restaurants at such places.

Further up the valley there is a medium-sized outdoor water park with multiple base collector and water slides of different sizes. This is a popular park for family's with smaller kids.

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